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See what is at stake

I may not be a mother, but I know the pangs of bringing forth. The pain of bringing something to life is overwhelming but fortunately, the joy that comes after is incomparable.

I felt one of the greatest pains after our whatsapp chat with Christine, our Kumi District coordinator which added to our already overwhelming list of requests for skills training as shown in the snapshot.

Due to the magnitude of requests from desperate persons like this, we found it very necessary to set up a Training Centre which will enable us address situations by providing from various regions by centralizing and tailoring some of our crush training programs in various disciplines.

I realized that during this season, like childbirth, one needs great birth-attendants to support you as you labor to fulfill destiny. We desperately need partners who can stand with us to see that the dream of our first Empowerment Centre is realized.

When our initial Empowerment Centre is finally ready, we shall be able to equip more people from the rural areas with skills that help them fight unemployment and poverty. This is aimed at curbing the other vices which are a direct result of poverty like hunger, street kids, homelessness, etc.