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The need is overwhelming

When God told Moses to deliver the Children of Israel from Egypt, he (Moses) never knew the magnitude of the work ahead, but every step of the way, God gave him a new measure of grace to accomplish the task at hand. Likewise, when Iris Mission Africa embarked on the journey to empower our communities in the fight against poverty, little did we know that it meant sleeping away from our homes, spending days sharing our experiences with families that needed more understanding of the works of God.

On the course of this journey, we have realised that success is not what you accomplish in your life but what you inspire others to do, spending each of our days trying to be cheerleaders in the hope of making the world a better place and this one thing we are sure about now; making one person smile changes the world, maybe not the whole world, but their world. So please don't cheat the world of your contribution, give it all you got. You can join us in this fight against poverty in our communities.

As we train our people thru Art, Photography & Film, we realized that we need way beyond what we can give, the kids need more than paint, crayons & art books - they need bible story books, toys, etc. That's just for the kids! But we are not faint-hearted because we know that He who started this good work will surely be able to accomplish it to the glory of His name.