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VolunTourism is one of the avenues through which our trainees earn a living and at the same time, a great way for professionals to utilize their organizations’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a way of giving back to society.


Jan Drumming


Working in Partnership with the Tourism Fraternity, we created a unique platform through which individuals come for a volunteer vacation while participating in tourism and having that great travel experience of a life time in one of Africa’s travel destinations Pearl of Africa and the great lakes region as a whole particularly Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania.


Boat Lady


This program presents a unique opportunity to students who would be glad they spent their summer vacation with our communities instead of the beach. It's totally life-changing!  It brings satisfaction to your whole being after the great experiences exploring different communities and cultures.


Roots Resort


With our team of staff and other personnel which includes Social Workers, Tours Guides, and Photographers, Voluntourism is the epitome of adventure with numerous escapades ranging from Trekking around the Communities, Bungy-jumping on the Nile, Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi, a visit to the Tree-Climbing Lions and many other Game Park and Adventurous programs.




Through Media In Tourism Initiative (MITI-UGANDA), a brain-child of Iris Mission Africa and one of our leading Tourism Media Outlets, we boast of very big stake in the  Tourism Industry, contributing to the promotion of Tourism Products (Cultural & Historical Sites, Peoples)  & Activities in the great lakes region.