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Encouraging Young Ministers to fight Poverty

It has never been easy to pursue a call especially one that involves transforming lives but last weekend marked an important chapter in our training programs when Mr. Saltray Lubega was invited to speak to the youth ministers at Jesus Celebration Center.

Thru our i-witness program which was designed to enable ministers to use Media and Technology to enhance the preaching of the gospel, we always reach out to various ministries in need of this crucial component of evangelism in the church today.

While expounding the role of media to reach out to society, Saltray addressed the poverty and unemployment problem from where he challenged the young people to pursue their dreams of emancipation from this vice thru skills training which is at the forefront of the fight against poverty in our communities.

Throughout all our engagements, we endeavor to put emphasis on our mission to empower our society, especially youths with skills to fight poverty thru #Art#Photography & #Film.